Innovative technology allows Digitalcore to image fluids in the pore space of rocks providing data essential for the development of improved oil and gas recovery processes.

GEOLOGICAL: Digitalcore’s patented registration process (VoxelPerfect™) allows seamless integration of polished section and microscopy data with 3D tomographic data adding a new dimension to conventional petrographic analysis.

STATIC: This high quality imaging coupled with high resolution microscopy assures the accurate description of porosity, porosity partitioning and the improved estimation of petrophysical rock parameters.

DYNAMIC: Patented registration technology (VoxelPerfect™) allows Digitalcore to undertake 3D image-based SCAL analysis. This enables us directly observe fluids in 3D and directly compute relative permeabilities and residual saturations, visualize distributions of fluids and couple fluid saturation to pore structure and mineralogy. Sensitivity studies and differential diagnosis (e.g. effect of wetting, injected fluids, flooding parameters, rate) can be undertaken at the pore scale.

UPSCALING & INTEGRATION: High resolution multiscale analysis and upscaling combined with a fully integrated analysis service provide high-quality input data for static and dynamic reservoir models. This is critical to reservoir characterisation/analysis and the reduction of uncertainty in reserves estimates.

CONSULTATION: Digitalcore provides a professional consultation service to assist in developing optimal solutions to petrophysical and reservoir engineering problems