Just In, Stop Using Influencer Marketing To Increase Brand Awareness

According to a study performed by Kaizen, brands who use influencer marketing to try and increase their brand ranking in the search engine stratosphere will be left disappointed and empty pocketed. While there has been a rise in celebrity endorsement to influence customer purchases, it does nothing to improve the rank of your brand, meaning, well, an unknown brand might just have the same influencing power and sales volume using influencer marketing as louis vuitton who may be utilising the same strategy.

If you want to get more click throughs and better brand awareness, then the best best is interactive content.

LinkedIn’s Top 10s

The most viewed marketing and advertising profiles in 2018 are:

  1. Anthony J James, head of strategy, innovation and growth, Trinity Consulting Services
  2. Branka Injac Misic, CMO, Arlo & Co
  3. James Sugrue, founder, AFK Agency
  4. Louise Scott, acting executive director – Markets & Partnerships, Tourism Western Australia
  5. Peter Bosilkovski, CEO, Y&R ANZ
  6. Russel Howcroft, partner and chief creative officer, PwC Australia
  7. Stephanie Tully, CMO, Qantas, and
  8. Timothy Whitfield, VP strategic solutions APAC, Sizmek.

The most viewed founder and CEO profiles in 2018 are:

  1. Brian Hartzer, CEO, Westpac Group
  2. Janine Allis, director, Retail Zoo/founder of Boost
  3. Melanie Perkins, CEO and co-founder, Canva
  4. Matt Barrie, chief executive and chairman, Freelancer
  5. Nick Molnar, co-founder and CEO, Afterpay
  6. Pip Marlow, CEO-customer, Suncorp Group
  7. Shayne Elliott, CEO, ANZ, and
  8. Ruslan Kogan, founder and CEO, Kogan.

According To Forrester VP, everyone fails the trust test

With the new emergence of voice communication as a way of interacting with your digital device, whether you’re checking the weather, asking siri to send a text, or trying to get through to a real person on the phone, chances are, you are using your voice to get from point A to where ever you’re trying to get through to.

So a newly published media release by Forrester VP suggested that, while everyone is pushed into using these voice communication channels, not everyone trusts the technology, or the company who are utilising the technology to communicate with their customers.

However, brands, Amazon and even Google are embracing the feedback and finding ways to make peace between the technology and their customers.