UPDATE – DIGITAL CORE has been acquired

ANU Connect Ventures investee company Lithicon, previously known as Digitalcore has been acquired by US-based FEI Company for $76 million ($US68 million). Lithicon a world leading digital core imagining and analysis company was a result of the integration of Digitalcore and Norwegian company Numerical Rocks in 2013.

Lithicon was established in 2009 by scientists from The Australian National University (ANU) in collaboration with colleagues at the University of New South Wales to develop an advanced computational approach to rapidly solving fluid behaviour in oil reservoirs.

The basis of their approach is a revolutionary high-resolution 3D imaging technique. Developed through close work with some of the world’s biggest resources companies, the technology produces digital 3D images and simulations of fluids in rock samples, giving companies crucial information to help them work out the best way to extract oil and gas. FEI plans to develop new markets outside oil and gas using this imaging technology.


About Digital Core

Digitalcore is the leading provider of revolutionary 3D high-resolution image based core analysis and petrophysical services to the oil and gas industry.

The benefits of digital core analysis include:


Revolutionise the mode of gathering core data with a major reduction in cost


Provide improved solutions to reservoir modelling


Increase the volume, statistical accuracy and value of routine core and special core analysis data (SCAL), resolving uncertainties in existing data sets


Analyse core material unsuitable for conventional analysis – complex carbonates, sidewall cores, unconsolidated and friable core and drill cuttings


Greatly reduce analysis turnaround time (porosity/permeability and relative permeabilities in weeks)


Preserve the form of original cores forever


Ability to study cores that previously were impossible to be analysed “unconventional” formations, such as coal seam gas, tight gas, tar sands, heavy oil, shale gas and shale oil


Can be used to quantify CO2storage capacity of sequestration projects

Our new technology derives its origins from research and development conducted at the Australian National University and the University of New South Wales.

Digitalcore’s professional and highly qualified personnel are supported by a team of engineers and scientists at both universities. This winning combination has enabled us to deliver quality client analysis services and made us leaders in the digital core analysis field.

We offer a comprehensive range of core, sidewall and cuttings services incorporating imaging, petrophysical and multiphase flow analyses. Our engineers and scientists provide a consultation service to assist clients in:

  • Optimising the design of image-based core analysis programs
  • Integrating image-based data with conventional laboratory SCAL data
  • Reducing the cost of coring and core testing programs

We deliver a tailored and reliable analysis service to match individual client needs. Compared with conventional core analysis, these services save money and time, while providing superior modelling capability.